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Life Time Mortgages

A guide to life time mortgages

With people living longer in retirement, lifetime mortgages can play a key role in supplementing a person’s income. They can also be useful in providing early inheritance for families – the so called ‘Bank of Mum and Dad.’

Lifetime mortgages can also be a potential option for people who have come to the end of their interest only mortgage. However, lifetime mortgages aren’t suitable for everyone. Getting specialist advice and carefully considering all of your options before proceeding will make sure you get the right result.

Please Note: Henden Financial Limited refers to carefully selected preferred partners for Life Time Mortgage services and takes a referral fee.

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Why Choose Us?

There are many considerations when choosing someone to help you with your mortgage. Getting it right could save you thousands. During our initial consultation we will go through the process together and assess your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of products which means we aren't limited to a smaller selection of products and can choose from thousands of available lenders.

20 Years Experience

Our wealth of experience across the industry means our knowledgeable advisors can give you advice you can trust.

No Offer, No Fee

We are so confident that we will find you the right mortgage, that we only ever charge when you receive a full agreement in principal. For most people this takes them forward to a successful home move.

Comprehensive Market Access

You won't be missing out on any great deals. We can access all of the mortgage products which are currently available and know how to find you the most suitable deal.

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Henden Financial Limited

Guiding you through the process of securing your specialist mortgage

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Henden Financial Limited

Guiding you through the process of securing a specialist mortgage

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