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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Insuring your home and its contents

Arranging home and contents insurance can be a minefield. With so many options available online, through your bank or even at the supermarket, it can be difficult to know which is the best option. At Henden Financial Limited we only deal with reputable insurers that offer high quality cover for a competitive price. This gives you both peace of mind and value for money.

Home Insurance


Not all home insurance policies are created equal. In one respect it’s easier than ever to insure your home, but with so many websites fighting to provide you with a quote, how do you know who’s offering the most suitable deal and are you comparing like-with-like?


At Henden Financial Limited we compare quotes from a large panel of market-leading insurers including household names you know and trust. This means you benefit from superb levels of cover and claims handling experience and don’t find yourself underinsured in the event of a claim.


Your home is your castle, let’s make sure it’s protected.


Contents Insurance


If you had to replace everything in your home in the event of a fire, how much would it cost you? Chances are this can cost up to tens of thousands of pounds and if so, you may need contents insurance. As a general rule, your contents are the things that can be taken with you if you move home. This includes furniture, electrical equipment, kitchenware, clothes and jewellery.


A contents policy will cover against risks such as theft, fire and flooding. It can also include optional extras such as cover for accidental damage, home emergency and legal expenses.


At Henden Financial Limited we compare quotes from a large panel of market-leading contents insurers including household names you know and trust. This gives you peace of mind to know you are covered should the worst happen.

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Why Choose Us?

There are many considerations when choosing someone to help you with your mortgage. Getting it right could save you thousands. During our initial consultation we will go through the process together and assess your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of products which means we aren't limited to a smaller selection of products and can choose from thousands of available lenders.

20 Years Experience

Our wealth of experience across the industry means our knowledgeable advisors can give you advice you can trust.

In Depth Assessment

We help you work out exactly what kind of insurance you might need, saving you thousands on expensive policies which don't protect you fully when needed.

Comprehensive Market Access

You won't be missing out on any great deals. We can access all of the mortgage products which are currently available and know how to find you the most suitable deal.

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